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Aztec Escape Subway RUN

This time in Aztec Escape Subway RUN game, the restless tomboys will go on an even more dangerous and exciting journey, descending into the busy New York subway. In a big city, underground tunnels are much longer and more complex, and many more trains pass through them. Therefore, you will have to move with extreme caution. In this game, new features and obstacles await you - for example, traffic lights and signs, a collision with which will lead to an annoying delay, forcing you to spin in place for a while in bewilderment. If the policeman gets close enough, he can catch up with you and take you to the city jail. Also for the game there are different cheats that will help you collect all the letters and all the coins.

The rest of the gameplay remains the same. Move your finger across the screen while controlling the hero, dodge hostile objects and dont forget to collect coins that will bring you bonus points. Do not linger anywhere for a long time, because then you will be overtaken by a chase consisting of a policeman and a dog. Confuse pursuers by turning onto side tracks and hiding in train cars until law enforcement officers run past. Having shown the speed of reaction and ingenuity, you will be able to break away from the chase and get out of the subway, escaping with nothing but broken calico in the dark. Download Aztec Escape Subway RUN game to your browser as soon as possible and start an unforgettable race through the New York subway tunnels!

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