FNF Doomsday Remastered V2

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About FNF Doomsday Remastered V2

FNF Doomsday Remastered V2

In FNF Doomsday Remastered V2 game you will become a member of a rap battle with opponents from the inhabitants of the underwater world. In this game, you can fully feel like a real rapper who is ready to show everyone what he is capable of live. To start the fight, you need to select your opponent and press the "Start" button, after which the fun begins. If you want to learn how to properly fight for victory, then we advise you to read a few tips.

As in any duel, you first need to create a character by choosing his appearance, and then choose the style of his speech. During the battle, you will be able to change your appearance, as well as choose weapons to protect against enemy attacks. Exciting battles await you in which you can earn extra points. Each opponent has his own special ability that will help him win. The game may seem difficult for beginners, but it really isnt.

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