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Pet Subway Surfer

Incredibly exciting adventure of a little hero will appeal to everyone. In the online game Pet Subway Surfer for Android, the main character has to run along a very dangerous path, overcoming a huge number of obstacles, and you will have to try very hard to cope with them. While running, a little frightened hero needs not only to overcome and quickly dodge all obstacles, he must definitely try to catch all the valuable bonuses that can increase the speed of a young character or destroy obstacles.

This game has one element that makes it different from all other games in Pet Subway Surfer series. Here you do not need to run away from annoying police and dogs, but simply avoid collision with dangerous objects. If the hero nevertheless stumbles upon one of them, he simply cannot survive.

The main task of the gamer in Pet Subway Surfer game is to try to run as far as possible and at the same time earn the maximum number of points. Simple controls will help you complete this game without much difficulty. Use the arrow keys to move the hero. By pressing the space bar twice, the boy will be able to jump over any obstacle.

Thanks to our site, you do not need to download this game. Just open it in a browser on your computer and enjoy an incredible adventure.

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