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Subway Princess Runner

Each of us understands that joking with death is bad. And if we talk about the castle where she lives, then it is better not to approach this building even for a kilometer. None of the living now managed to get out of its walls alive. The one who stepped over the threshold of the castle never returned. Its dark corridors, rooms and flights of stairs are stuffed with a huge number of traps, and the owner constantly makes sure that outsiders do not invade the territory. And if such a daredevil is found, then he will immediately die from a trap, or from the owner’s scythe sharp as a blade - death. No one would have gone there if it were not for the legend that a treasure is hidden in the very heart of this liquid castle - eternal life. It is he who is so carefully guarded by death itself.

In Subway Princess Runner game, you have the opportunity to play as another daredevil Fred, who dared to get eternal life. Whether he succeeds or not is up to you. There are many traps waiting for you in this gloomy castle. Beware of spears that appear from the ground, axes falling directly on your head from the walls, as well as a sharp scythe of death. Remember - traps are deadly. Faced with one of them, the game will end for you in defeat.

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