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Subway Surfer Beijing

Everyone in childhood dreamed of climbing and jumping in the cars of real trains. Some, probably, even had a desire to ride a moving train, as well as jump on the cars, but everyone knows that this is very dangerous and not necessary in real life. And those who had a toy railway as a child will appreciate this wonderful game.

The essence of Subway Surfer Beijing game is to jump on the wagons, but you should not think that this is very simple, because you constantly need to be on the move. The level will last a very long time, but this will not make the game more boring, because there will be many troubles and trials on the way. Bombs will be waiting for you here and there, trying to throw you off the car, bayonets will try to impale you with razor-sharp spears. Trailers will be of different colors, you need to choose any you like and start moving. For example, gray wagons can be stepped on without fear of traps. For everyone else, there are a number of dangers. All actions are performed using the keyboard arrows.

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