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Subway Surfers

The protagonist of Subway Surfers game is one of the three guys who painted colorful graffiti on the wagons. Creating his next masterpiece, he was noticed by a security guard who walked with his dog in search of violators and now you need to run away from him. Help a team of three escape from an evil security guard and his small but vicious dog through multi-lane highways and high-speed railroad tracks. Long trains rush there every second. You must manage to dodge them and not slow down, otherwise the evil policeman and his barking friend will catch up with you.

Subway Surfers game uses a large arsenal of clothes and boards with which the guys ride around the city. To play well, you need a great reaction, since the main goals of the game are to collect bonuses in the form of coins scattered around, dodge trains rushing towards you and ground obstacles, which are also very common.

Having scored a huge number of points, it becomes possible to open additional characters, there are only 16 of them in the game. For individual coins, you can buy improved surfboards. The game is controlled with arrow buttons. If you havent played Subway Surfers yet, youre missing out. In the latest version of the game, the system for pumping heroes has been improved and the stability of the gameplay has been increased.

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