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Subway Surfers Arabia CITY

The story in Subway Surfers Arabia CITY takes place when a hero named Jake finishes painting graffiti on an old subway car. He is noticed by a local watchman, after which the main gameplay begins. In a desperate pursuit, Jake must not be caught. As the distance progresses and with the growth of points, the running speed of the street artist will only increase, but the possibility of colliding with an obstacle will also increase rapidly. As soon as you seriously crash into any obstacle, you will be immediately caught and arrested for disorderly conduct.

If you use a surfboard while playing Subway Surfers Arabia CITY game, you might be a little safer not to get caught, but the number of surfboards is always limited. Every day you will be given a specific mission to complete along the way. If you complete the first 20 missions, then the reward for the next one will be a golden box, from which you can extract the most pleasant bonuses.

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