Subway Surfers Bangkok CITY v2

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About Subway Surfers Bangkok CITY v2

Subway Surfers Bangkok CITY v2

A group of these guys love to draw graffiti everywhere they can. Subway Surfers Bangkok CITY v2 game about the next adventure of desperate boys caught red-handed. The most favorite place where you can show your imagination and decorate trains is the local metro. When the trains move along the route, their creative experiments will be seen by the maximum number of people. And fame and popularity do not harm anyone. But this time things didnt go as usual.

Subway Surfers Bangkok CITY v2 game is an escape from the evil guards who threaten to catch the troublemakers and send them to the police. You have to run along the sleepers, maneuver between trains and bypass numerous obstacles.

This is very dangerous and in fact it should never happen again. You need to move quickly, but carefully. If the boy falls, he will surely fall into the hands of the watchman.

We run away from the metro as quickly as possible, but do not forget to collect gold coins. They will allow you to earn points, and spend the collected money on improvements. To get rid of the chase at a particularly crucial moment, you can turn on your special jet skateboard. Then surely no one will ever catch up with you.

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