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Subway Surfers Buenos Aires

Famous metrosurfers decided to find out how the world of excitement and entertainment lives during their trip around the world. Fresh in Buenos Aires comes off to its fullest, without parting from your favorite music center. But the guys did not come to rest, but to check the condition of the local railway. To their surprise, they found that the noisy city had completely forgotten about trains and wagons. It is not clear what the mayor and the entire administration are doing, but our guys and girls decided to fill this gap on their own. Now in Subway Surfers Buenos Aires game you only need to slowly sneak into the station, and then you can use the supply of paint and your indefatigable imagination for the good of the cause. Just dont get caught by the watchman. He and his toothy dog can interfere with the important mission our heroes came from.

As a memento of this adventure, they brought a photograph. But on the way, he got injured. Help restore the image and find out how they rested on the other side of the world. Good luck.

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