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Subway Surfers Tokyo

Like all children, Jake loves adventure and pranks. Today, he and his friends decided to draw Subway Surfers Tokyo graffiti at the subway station, but the watchman turned out to be not a particular lover of art and chased our hero with a dog. Help Jake escape punishment and break away from his pursuers!

The controls in the game are as simple as possible: just slide your finger across the screen in the direction in which Jake needs to run, and the boy will follow him. Fortunately, the subway is full of turns and forks where you can turn around, confusing the watchman, and there are always a couple of cars on the railway tracks that you can climb into and wait until the chase rushes past. But there are also dangers here - for example, trains passing by, a collision with which, as you understand, can end very unpleasantly, or chippers, from which you also need to evade. In addition, reward coins are scattered throughout the subway - try to collect as many bonuses as you can along the way. But do not hesitate, if in order to pick up another coin, you risk being caught, it is better to run past, because then the game will end! In general, the point is that you control a boy who runs around trains and collects coins. The main thing is that this running boy does not fall and does not hit something.

Subway Surfers Tokyo has its own shop where you can buy items that increase your running speed and agility. Embark on an exciting journey through the subway tunnels and see if you can escape the watchman and get away in an extreme situation!

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